Which model is best for my child?

Smart Kids Collection is best with with kindergarten kids, Classic schoolbags goes well with primary children while Max collections are suitable to teens.

How is an ergonomics schoolbag being “Healthy & Ergonomic”?

Supporting children's backs and let them keep standing straight while carrying schoolbag and hence reducing chance of spine deformation or humpback.

Why it is good to have a structural schoolbag?

Shape of the schoolbag does not change according to the weight of the content with clear sight of inner schoolbag.
Leading to provide sufficient support on the back of child and improve packing efficiency.

What so special about our straps system?

“S-Shape” Shoulder Straps:
Minimize the space between the bag and the child’s back and improve distribution of weight on children.
Adjustable Chest Straps:
Distribute weight evenly between the shoulders, chest, waist and back, prevents the heavy weight from forcing the child to lead forward

How to clean my schoolbag?

The water-repellent coating helps to make it easy to clean.
Simply wipe the dirt with a damp cotton cloth soaked in warm water.

Why are Tiger Family Schoolbags worth the price?

When carrying heavy books on the schooldays, weight of bag does not magically disappear.
They are being evenly distributed to other parts of body hence each body part is responsible for less weight with the functions of ergonomics schoolbag.
Tiger Family® schoolbag is recommended by German Orthopaedic Doctor for Sports Medicine, Dr. Andreas Metzger, with 100% assurance, greater comfort and lighter feel.

Why do not make trolley bags as a choice?

According to the investigation, trolley bags are not recommended for kids
because they tend to turn their spines when pulling a heavy backpack behind them.
If the contents of your children's backpack worn on the back is properly monitored and
it is an ergonomic school bag with enough padding and wide shoulder straps it may would be a
better option for you.