50th Anniversary

Over the past 50 years, we have grown from a small family workshop to a leading schoolbag producer in the world with sales network in over 50 countries. As we celebrate this important milestone year of “Golden Jubilee”, we are proud of each step of developments we have made from the beginning in 1972 till now. 50 years of devotion, hard work, perseverance, versality and commitments with innovation.


50 years of excellent customer satisfaction of the quality of our products and services. All these have been the distinguishing successful factors of our group. Together with you, we are ready to build on our 50 years of legacy and welcome further successes in the next 50 years and more.

Go Green

Tiger Family is committed to be responsible for the future of our children – sustainability through quality. As a first initiative, we protect our natural resources by regenerating old and used plastic bottles into textile yarn according to the Global Recycle Standard. This reduces our environmental impact and recycles plastic waste in a new way. Check out our Go Green Edition, support and contribute to save our planet now!