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Max Pack Ergonomic Backpack Pro 2 - Mountain

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3 year warranty


Top rated by real experts

Safe and comfortable


Certified award-winning commitment to green product design and sustainability.


The Max Pack Ergonomic Backpack Pro 2 - Mountain is specially engineered for comfortable daily wearing with perfect ergonomic fit and even weight distribution.


Product Details

  • Global recommended height: 130cm and above
  • Outer size (cm) H: 42 W: 34 D: 22
  • Weight (g): 760
  • Volume (L): 30


Features & innovations

  • Multi-layered mesh handle, makes carrying the backpack easy on your hands
  • Multiple spacious compartments, your child can find their school items easily
  • Duo front zipper pockets, quick grabs like pencils or notes are hassle-free, keeping your child organized.
  • Padded laptop compartment with elastic holder, your child’s laptop or tablet is safe against bumps and drops. Places the heavy laptops close to your child’s back, it helps with better posture by aligning the load with body’s centre of gravity.
  • Safety reflector on all sides, increases safety as your child is more visible, which gives you peace of mind
  • Expandable with elastic pockets, perfect for days when your child has extra stuff to carry, ensuring everything fits. Like their water-bottle or umbrella.
  • Reinforced fabric bottom, the backpack can withstand daily use, which means less wear and tear and a longer-lasting bag.


Back padding system

  • Tailored shoulders alignment & proper fitting, supports good posture and comfortable wearing, important for growing kids.
  • Adjustable chest strap, makes the backpack easier to carry, so your child can move freely and comfortably.
  • Adjustable hip strap, it reduces load on the back, so your child feels less tired after carrying it all day.
Harm-free quality materials

Clean materials that priorities health. Free of harmful substances so you can ensure a safe usage which means peace of mind when your child carries our backpack.

Providing products that are 100% healthy and safe to use is very important to us.

All our raw materials and finished products are tested and certified by accredited laboratories in compliance with the latest EU regulations and are free of harmful substances.

Expert recognitions

  • Official Ergonomic Certification by IGR e.V. Germany
  • Plus X Award Honoured as Best Brand and Best Product of the Year
  • European Product Design Award honors outstanding and innovative product design
  • New York Product Design Award honors designs that provide better quality of daily lives and ingenious creations
  • Hong Kong Top Brand gives recognition to the BEST outstanding local brands

Max Pack Ergonomic Backpack Pro 2 - Mountain

€118,39 EUR Regular price €148,00 EUR

If you want to support your child's spine and back health as they grow.

If you want to improve your child's focus and academic performance.

If you want them to feel energetic instead of tired from a school day.

Our ergonomically designed school bags are exactly here to support what you need.

Increased energy

Your child carries their bag for 10 to 11 months a year. A heavy, poorly balanced bag can leave them worn-out and tired.

Our bags are tested and proven to reduce stress on your child's shoulder by over 53% with even weight distribution. They remain fresh and active throughout the day, ready to tackle anything from classes to sports.

Spinal Health and Comfort

Our bags are built with strong, padded straps and optimal back support as recommended by experts and doctors.

This protects their young developing spines during these critical growth years. Designed to distribute weight evenly and maximize comfort.

Better focus and academic performance

Heavy bags make kids tired, reducing focus and harming academic performance.

Our easy-to-carry ergonomically school bags do more than just carry books. They’re a smart choice in your child's educational success and future potential.

Give your child the gift of joyful, carefree school days with a bag designed for their health and comfort.


Award-winning green product design so you can make a confident choice. Our products are made with sustainable fabrics that are regenerated from old and used plastic bottles according to the Global Recycled Standard.

What's great about it

Systematic organisers

Optimal packing with multiple spacious compartments so you can categorize and access belongings with ease which means less time searching.

Perfect for laptop/tablet

Optimal packing system with padded compartments and elastic security band for holding heavy items. Another level of being prepared for school day’s.

Water repellent

First-of-its-kind water and dirt repellent with harm-free materials.

Safety reflectors

360 reflectors increasing visibility in the dark for added safety. One less worry during those early morning school runs.


Unique back structure acts as the centre of support and stabiliser for all heavy weight.